Buildings and Grounds

What a wonderful celebration during and after worship Sunday June 2nd as we “burned the mortgage” without injuring anyone or setting off the sprinklers or smoke alarms. Rev Scott Lumsden’s message seemed so appropriate that when God calls, if we answer His call, things may not turn out as we thought they would but His purpose is served.

I recall some of those early discussions about needing to build a new addition back in the late 1990’s. The congregation was larger, we had lots of kids running around and attending Sunday school classes and performing pageants. Our kitchen was the present nursery, our Sunday school classes were sharing space with Creative Preschool in the basement for toddlers and the upstairs AA meeting room for older children. When we had congregational dinners or auctions, we sat elbow to elbow in the East Room and if you were late, you’d have to squeeze your way into the room. We needed classrooms, a modern kitchen, a choir rehearsal room, more parking and a fellowship hall large enough to gather comfortably and extend hospitality to our friends and neighbors to join us, were some of the needs I heard expressed in our congregational conversations about our future.

We took a risk. We performed due diligence, hired a consultant to do a feasibility study, started a financial campaign, took out a couple of mortgages and built the new addition. The classrooms are full of children all week long. The upper room hosts at least a dozen alcohol and drug related support groups. The social hall is used for community information forums and gatherings, homeless dinners as well as our own celebrations. Our doors are open enabling us to be the people of God extending hospitality in this space and in the community.

By the Grace of God and your faithfulness we were able to burn the mortgage today. May this free us to listen to where God is calling us now.

Blessings and Grace,

Jacq Skeffington, Mission Resource Elder

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